Friday, October 30, 2009

Anniversary Celebration @ Ma Maison

My girlfriend and me celebrated our 5th Anniversary at Ma Maison, a French restaurant situated in Ampang. As both of us can be quite fussy when it comes to food, we have difficulties determining where to dine until we came across Ma Maison while browsing for reviews online. Most of the reviews favoured the taste and the portion of the food. Besides, the interior definitely sets for a Anniversary celebration. It is said that Ma Maison is frequented by regular French customers. And with the owner/chef himself is a French, it definitely sounds promising.

Entrance of Ma Maison

The interior of the restaurant was uniquely decorated as well. It definitely sets the tone for a romantic dinner.


As the portion of the meals is said to be quite large, we decided to order a set of course meal to be shared. We decided to go for 2 appetizers, 1 main course, and 1 dessert.

Appetizer #1 : Grilled Duck Liver In Grape Sauce

Two grilled duck livers served with grape sauce. Priced at over RM50, it's supposed to be the premium appetizer. Unfortunately, a part of the duck liver was slightly overgrilled. Although I'm not a great fan of duck liver, I believe that it will taste nice if it's nicely done.

Appetizer #2 : Fish Dumpling in Seafood Sauce

This fish dumpling is a recommendation from my girlfriends' GM. Coming from a man whose fussiness in food surpasses mine, I expect this dish to be nothing short of delicious. Thankfully, this dish lives up to its reputation. At the mention of fish dumpling, I expect it to be something like Chinese "Wan Tan". It turns up to be nothing like that.

From the bite and the taste of it, the Fish Dumpling is made by stuffing fish meat into its belly skin and then frying it. It is then cooked in seafood sauce in a claypot and mind you the seafood sauce is as nice as the dumpling itself. It is creamy and there are pieces of prawns in it. When we are finish with it, the whole claypot is as clean and dry as new.

Main Course : Spring Chicken in Red Wine

Coming at over RM20, the main course is quite normal by my standard if compared to both appetizers. Perhaps I should follow my girlfriend's suggestion and ordered it's roast duck instead. Well, as the name is spring chicken, there's not much meat to expect and I definitely did not get much taste of red wine from it. Verdict : Not recommended.

Dessert : Chocolate Mousse

To concluded our meal, we got ourself Chocolate Mousse as dessert.  We found it too sweet. The sweetness totally covered the chocolate taste. Another non-recommended item.

Along with two glasses of house wine, the whole meal cost us RM166. As there's only another couple of customers there on that night, the service is fast and the waiter is friendly as well. For the Fish Dumpling, we will definitely come back again.  Next time, we will go for the Roast Duck.

Ma Maison
32 Persiaran Ampang,
55000 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel : +6 03 4256 5410

Note : They only accept cash.

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